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Loving Aunt Amy tells the story of Amelia F. W. Caruso, from her infancy to her death at age 20 from an opioid overdose. Richly and warmly illustrated by Ahna Soucy, the text highlights Amy's experiences from preschool through college, and ways she is now remembered. The book aims to keep Amy's story alive for the next generation of family and friends, including gentle mention of some warning signs of a developing substance misuse disorder.

What readers are saying about Loving Aunt Amy

I like the honesty in the book... it talks about real world problems without sugar coating it but at the same time has a positive aspect on Amy's life. It wasn't all sad or shame... shows that there is hope even in times of darkness. I love how the illustrations went from dark to bright to add to the reader's mood and thought process.
- high school senior

...the illustrations are amazing! I can’t wait to share this with family, friends, and my students!
- 9th grade health teacher and parent

I asked my son to read the book and let me know his thoughts. He said, it was nice, it was sad. I asked him what he would say or do if he knew of a friend or friends that had to deal with addiction. After a few minutes, he answered... I think it made an impression on him.
- mother of a 13 year-old

... the touching story of Amy for children ... is so honest and loving - and the lovely illustrations perfect for the text. What a wonderful resource for parents!
- former high school principal

[The book] has given me an idea of something to do for my 2 great grandies who will never know their grampa.
- one of Amy's counselors

It is beautiful and sad and thoughtful and gentle, and provocative. It touched my heart with its realism, both in the story and in the artwork. I can see it being a stepping off point for exploring addiction with a young person, or solace for someone who had lost a child to addiction.
- Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist and Parish Mental Health Nurse

The illustrations are uncanny. It’s hard to say when is the right time to talk to the boys about these things but hopefully I’ll find the words and Aunt Amy will be a part of those conversations.
- Amy's high school classmate, practicing attorney, and mother of young children

About the author: Amy's mom, Melissa Weiksnar, has published two other books about Amy, It's Not Gunna Be an Addiction: The Adolescent Journals of Amelia F. W. Caruso (1989 - 2009) [2014] and Heroin's Puppet -Amy (and her disease) [2012]. She has shared Amy's story with over 24,000 listeners in school, college, community, healthcare, and religious groups to show how addiction can strike any family.
About the illustrator: Ahna Soucy illustrated Loving Aunt Amy to help capture Amy's spirit and struggles and to help her memory live on through art. Ahna is a Boston-based craft maker and painter. This is her first children's book. More of her work can be found at
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