Amelibro Press
December 8, 2009
I feel like the drugs have taken over my soul. What happened to the strong, motivated young woman I was last spring? The impending doom sets in as I realize my disease has never been this bad....I wonder what I can possibly do to break free from it's grasp and remember the life I used to love and show up for..... I stand today as:






Amy Caruso was a junior in the nursing program at Boston College and seemed to have everything going for her. But in November 2009, she admitted she was a heroin addict and voluntarily entered treatment. Five weeks later, just shy of her twenty-first birthday, she died from an overdose at the treatment facility. Melissa Weiksnar wrote Heroin's Puppet so parents, educators, clinicians, and young people can learn from her daughter's six-year battle with substances, especially from the journals Amy wrote while in rehab.
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Melissa Weiksnar
“Telling Amy’s story is a sacred and solemn task, as I‘m sure she never imagined her rehab journals would be read by others, much less published. Amy and I should have written this book together.”
—Melissa Weiksnar
“I’m amazed by the strength and courage shown by Melissa in telling the story of her daughter Amy’s fight with drugs. Her message about the dangers of addiction, and the need for parents to talk to their kids and monitor their activities to keep them safe is right on.”
—Dan Maier, TxtWatcher
Heroin's Puppet book cover
Audiobook recorded and forthcoming