Amelibro Press






page 18
4th line from bottom
"In happened" should be "It happened"
page 57
5th line
"her parents" should be "her patients"
page 65
12th line
In "mood we could we believe" delete the second "we"
page 86
3rd line
"Amy's could have had a positive tox screen" should be "Amy's tox screen could have been positive."
page 86
3rd paragraph
Middle sentence should begin "My husband's relative reassured us that Amy would be fine..."
page 114
2nd line from bottom
In "to never to" delete the second "to"
page 132
last line
In "savored every moment it", add "of" between "moment" and "it"
page 152
5th line from bottom
"five and a half" should be "four and a half"
page 218
last paragraph
"later in the morning or earlier in the evening" should be "earlier in the morning or later in the evening"
page 242
end of text box
need "
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